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Treatment Day

What happens on the day of my laser eye treatment?

1. Arrival.

Visualase laser eye surgery clinic, Bolton, Greater Manchester.
Laser eye surgery at Visualase, Bolton should only take 30 minutes.
You'll receive a warm welcome on laser eye surgery treatment day at Visualase, Bolton.

On the day of treatment we ask that you arrive half an hour prior to your appointment. This will allow us time to go through all your paperwork, deal with your payment, consent form and also give you the opportunity to speak to your doctor again should you wish.

The procedure itself will last approximately 30 minutes if you are having both eyes treated.

2. Anaesthetic.

Laser eye surgery treatment: Anaesthetic and antiseptic eye drops are applied.

The doctor will talk you through each stage of your treatment. First you will have to lie back on the treatment bed and have anaesthetic and antiseptic drops put into your eyes.

3. Preparation.

Laser eye surgery treatment: The team will make sure you are comfortable before the procedure begins.

A drape is placed around your eye and then a clip is placed under your eyelids to prevent you from blinking. This feels a little odd but is not painful. The doctor will then prepare the surface of your eye depending on which method of treatment you are having; either LASIK or SURFACE treatment. You will be asked to look at a light to align you perfectly with the laser which will make a humming noise as it operates.

4. Treatment.

Laser eye surgery treatment day at Visualase Laser Eye Clinic in Bolton.

The lasering part of the procedure only takes a few seconds depending on your prescription. Don’t worry if you think you might move your eye. The laser is equipped with an eye tracker that compensates for any movements your eye makes. Once the laser has finished, the clip and drape are removed and more drops administered.

5. Recovery.

There is a relaxing recovery room at Visualase where you can recuperate.
You will rest in the recovery room for about 30 mins after the laser eye treatment.
Visualase laser eye surgery clinic, Bolton, Greater Manchester.
The recovery room at Visualase laser eye clinic, Bolton.

You will then be able to go and sit in the recovery room. If you have brought someone with you, they can also come and sit in the recovery room. You will rest here for approximately 30 minutes with your eyes gently closed.

6. Home.

Following treatment your laser eye surgeon will examine your eyes before you go home.

The doctor will then examine your eyes and give you the eye drops that you need to take home.

7. Re-examination.

The Visualase laser eye surgery aftercare service is second to none.

The next day you will be re-examined and further regular checks are carried out over the following months as part of your aftercare service.