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Testimonials 2010

The treatment received was second to none and the results are even better.

Phil McNamara, Bolton

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

Emma Thorpe

Exceptional treatment and aftercare afforded to both my father & I when we had our laser eye correction. The clinic is a pleasure to visit. Thank you.

Matthew, Preston

A big thank-you to all the team for such exceptional services from assessment, procedures, right through to the after care. The results are amazing.

Cheryl Connor, Bolton

Both my sister and a friend had treatment at Visulase and couldn't praise the clinic highly enough, so it seemed an obvious choice for me.

Moira, Blackburn

I can't thank you enough. This will completely change my life.

Warren Lowe, Wigan

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Irene, Cheshire

You are all wonderful, and I can't find the words to thank you for all your support.

Lisa Plummer, Bolton

I am so thrilled with the results that I can't stop talking about it. You have made me very happy and I am forever grateful.

Jacky Moffatt, Bolton

I felt very reassured meeting the surgeon at my consultation. It gave me the confidence to proceed and I'm so glad I did.

Simon, Bury

Thank you so very much for everything you have done. Seeing really is believing.

Bill Heyes, Wigan

The aftercare especially was excellent in comparison to other clinics (prior to treatment, I had visited other places).

Danielle Kay, Prestwich

The staff are friendly and helpful. They make you feel totally comfortable and didn't put you under any pressure.

Lisa, Bolton

From the beginning to the end of my treatment and throughout my aftercare, I was made to feel at ease and totally confident in their care.

Lindsey, Lancashire

I wanted great, quality vision and chose Visualase after several friends recommended the clinic. All the staff have been fantastic throughout.

Rebecca, Manchester

I'm regularly telling friends it was the best thing I've ever done. I always got the impression that my feelings/treatment was personal to me and that I wasn't just another person through the door. Thank you.

Debbie Lyons, Bolton

Having laser eye treatment is probably the best decision I've ever made. I was amazed at the results and really happy with the whole service, both before and afterwards. Thank you.

Bruce Horrocks, Bolton

It took me three years to pluck up the courage to have my eyes lasered, but once it was, it was one of the best decisions that I had ever made and would recommend it to anyone.

Yvonne Scott, Bolton

I had undergone consultations at other clinic and had left thinking it was more about money/turnover rather than customer/patient care. 
The process at Visualase was treated with the respect it deserves. I was neither rushed into making a decision or left wondering about the process ahead.

Susan Pollard, Bolton
I didn't think it was possible to corrected long sightedness with laser eye surgery so when I visited your clinic in Bolton the news was a pleasant surprise. I had LASEK (epiflap) which is an updated version of PRK on both eyes and now don't even have to wear reading glasses. A life changing experience.
Jean Bailey

Thank you for everything, especially the way you have made me feel. You give a very personal touch, which goes a long way and means so much.

Elizabeth Rowthwell, Preston

I am delighted with my vision in every way. You guys take customer service to a new level. I have and shall continue to recommend you.

Ann-Marie Beyer, Bolton
Thank you to all the staff at Visualase laser eye clinic - you have been great. I suffered from short sight and had originally had a consultation with Ultralase in Manchester who said I was suitable for wavefront treatment but they didn't offer the procedure I wanted. I was delighted when I found your clinic based in the North West. Having had laser surgery I am thrilled with my "new eyes" - see you at my next check up.
Sandra Jones

Wow! I am so impressed - I can see without my glasses. Truly amazing.

Sue Birch

Everything was brilliant. Thank you very much.

Hilary Jackson, Bolton

I would recommend you to anyone considering laser eye treatment.

Julie, Bolton

Thank you all very much for giving me my eyesight. No more glasses in the rain.

Rose Fishwick, Bolton

I would like to say a big thank you to all the team. You are all so very friendly and caring but also very professional. I could never of imagined the clear sight I have now got after my treatment - it's fantastic. I will certainly recommend you.

Lucy Goodwin, Bolton

It is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere that makes me feel important as a patient.

Malcolm, Liverpool

I chose Visualase Bolton based on the recommendation from other and the price.

Carol, Wigan

Thank you to everyone.

Christine, Blackpool

Thanks for all your help and assistance. I'll look forward to many years of clear vision.

Vicky Ellison, Wiagn

Having my eyes done has been like having a new lease of life. It was fantastic on holiday, not having to mess about with glasses.


What freedom! Not having to wear glasses anymore. I should have done it years ago.

Brenda, Burnley

I felt I received personal care. The staff are friendly, approachable and reassuring.

Linda, Salford

The staff at Visualase are fantastic. Everyone was so brilliant. I have recommended you to all my friends and family and I know a lot have had their treatment done at Visualase. Once again - thank you.

Soraya Entwistle, Bolton

After years of contact lenses from Specsavers I can finally see without them. I was long sighted and also had astigmatism. I underwent LASEK laser correction a month ago and I love being able to see in the morning when I wake.

Sue Sharpe, Bolton

I underwent laser eye surgery in June 2011 having debated the pros and cons for the past 17 years. Everyone says it, but "why did I wait so long?"

The results are amazing and truly life changing. I can now see perfectly without glasses or contact lenses, I don't have to worry about dry or dusty eyes and can get up in the night to my children and see what is going on straight away (usually, but not always, a good thing!!).

The procedure itself is quick and painless with immediate results and every person who was involved in my care made me feel safe and well looked after. Dr Doyle provided lots of background information and was more than happy to answer all my questions. There were no hidden costs and all the follow up care provided was excellent.

A big thankyou to all at Visualase. Words don't come near to describing what a wonderful thing you have done for me when you treated my eyes with the laser.

Angela Kelly, Bolton

My vision was so poor that if I dropped my glasses on the carpet, I couldn't see them! My vision is so good and nearly two years down the line I am still so impressed and I recommend your clinic at every opportunity.

Christine Martin, Bamber Bridge

I was interested in vision correction and there is a big choice now of high street clinics including Accuvison and Optimax who I thought about going to although I'm glad I chose an independent clinic. The personal service I received was second to none. No more myopia. No more glasses. No more contact lenses. I had LASIK laser eye surgery and the results have to be seen to be believed. The LASIK treatment was simple and relatively pain free. Thanks.

Phil Spencer

There was no "hard-sell" and I felt the staff really wanted me to make the right decision as opposed to putting pressure on me to spend money.

Laura, Crewe

It's amazing that I can see without messing around with contact lenses anymore and I keep trying to push my glasses up on my nose - but they're not there. Very Strange!

Tracey Atkinson, Wigan

All questions were answered fully. Aftercare was brilliant. First eye treated Maundy Thursday and I was able to see the consultant the following day - Good Friday (I know some people treated at other clinics have only been given a telephone contact in the event of problems). Aftercare was excellent. After nearly two years I am still amazed with the results and wouldn't hesitate in recommending you.

Beverley Hampson

The personal service at Visualase is excellent. I was not made to feel like I was on a production line - excellent!

Nicola, Chorley
Excellent service from beginning to end. You were all extremely helpful. The procedure was painless and the results are great. Thanks again.
Lesley Bevis

Staff always polite and friendly. Very professional and efficient at all times.

Caroline Knight, Wigan

I had visited Ultralase and Optimax when I was considering laser eye correction but the service and professionalism at Visualase in Bolton, Lancashire won through. I was short sighted and was told I was suitable for either LASIK or LASEK by my consultant ophthalmologist. I opted for LASIK eye surgery, which was a customised treatment at no extra cost. The results from laser eye treatment are fantastic and I only wish I'd done it years earlier.

Mike Biggs

The outcome of the treatment has been perfect. Thank you to you all.

Joanne, Cumbria
Thank you for a very professional service from a satisfied customer.
Ann Caughey

I can't say thank you enough. This will completely change my life.

Karen Curtet, Preston

I have been absolutely delighted with the results of my laser eye correction at Visualase. I've written an account of my journey from making the decision to go and have a consultation right the way through to my treatment and my aftercare. I found reading patient stories really beneficial when I was doing my research and I hope this helps you too. 

Christine Hargraves, Bolton

Totally impressed with the service provided. I would recommend Visualase with no hesitation.

Justine French, Bolton

I have been so impressed by the service from Visualase. They offer excellent value for money, particularly as their pricing was transparent with no "hidden extras". Thank you. I have and will continue to recommend you.

Helen, the North West

It's nice being able to get up and go out without putting glasses on.

Mrs J Halton, Bolton