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Testimonials 2017

The treatment enabled me to pass the eyesight requirements for the Civil Aviation Authority Class 1 Pilot's Medical for a Commercial Pilot's Licence!

I'm chuffed to bits, it was well worth it. 

David Robinson, Manchester

The amount of knowledge the surgeon had made me chose Visualase, he made me feel at ease and I needed to know I was in safe hands. The clinic is amazing with care, treatment and personal approach going above and beyond to help.

Natasha Schofield, Knott End on Sea - January 2017

The staff made me feel at ease at all times. Meeting Dr Doyle beforehand helped instill confidence and I felt the treatment and aftercare was spot on.

Alexandra Rees, Lancashire - January 2017

I chose Visualase because of the the 0% finance option, which was a really good way for me to pay for my treatment.

Ashok Pindoria, Bolton - January 2017

Excellent service from all, thank you so much for my fantastic treatment at Visualase!

Luke O’Mahoney, Prestwich - January 2017

Dr Stephen Doyle is a clever guy and full of information which is not easy to explain due to the science/clinical elements but he does it so wonderfully well.

Kim Whitehead, Bolton - February 2017

Clear explanation of the process, questions answered honestly and clearly which is why I chose Visualase over any other laser eye clinic. 

Kathryn Webster, Bolton - February 2017

I weould like to say that the reception staff member with short blonde hair (Elaine I think) is lovely and Mr Mathai is very kind and friendly. Chatted to me about my life and other things aside from the surgery.

Eleanor Trimble, Middleton - February 2017

I was recommended to Visualase and you’re not pushy – no pressure to have the procedure.

Kim Whitehead, Bolton - March 2017

Visualase are very competitively priced – I did my research! From start to finish I received brilliant care and I could always ring up if I wanted any information. Nothing was ever too much trouble. I would recommend you to others and it’s the best thing I have ever done. 

Thorrin Govind, Bolton - March 2017

Everyone was very polite and helpful and I would like to thank all the staff for making me feel at ease.

Rebecca Baldock, Leigh - March 2017

I chose Visualase becaue a friend had an amazing experience. I felt comfortable from first walking into the clinic to the treatment and the results were fantasic! 

Lin Borkin, Bury - March 2017

The most important part of this process for me was to be able to see without the use of glasses. I chose Visualase through recommendation.

Karen Roscoe, Bolton - April 2017

I decided to have my treatment with Visualase because I was confident that the operation was going to be a success. I’d had a few recommendations to use Visualase and I am glad I did!

Emma Barker, Radcliffe - April 2017

All of the staff have been extremely helpful lovely, thank you for making my journey to clear vision a great one! 

Amy Lyons, Ramsbottom - April 2017

I first started wearing glasses at 7 years old was very badly short sighted.  At my last eye test my prescription was -8.5 and -8.  I would really struggle to get by without my glasses, I even wore them swimming so I could see the edge of the pool, the steps and other swimmers! When considering surgery, given my prescription, I thought afterwards that I would still have to wear glasses but at the consultation I was told that I may not need to wear them again. Unlike other places, at Visualase you will meet your treating doctor at the consultation who will be performing the surgery, which enabled me to ask lots of questions about the procedure. On the morning of the surgery I was really nervous but when I arrived at Visualase the staff were brilliant, so friendly and they helped me relax. The surgery only lasted a few seconds and the best bit was - I didn’t feel a thing! I could see straight after the treatment. I sat up and saw the clock in the laser room perfectly - it was amazing! The recovery time only lasted a couple of days with lots of rest, eye drops and I wore a protective eye mask at night.  I now have 20:20 vision and don't need glasses for distance or reading (yet).  I say to people it's like I've never worn glasses because it feels so normal and natural.The best bits of not wearing glasses has to be swimming properly, not getting steamed up or rained on, and not having to change to prescription sunglasses when it’s sunny.  Recently I've started doing Kickboxing - something I would not have done whilst wearing glasses. My advice if you are thinking about having laser eye surgery - don't wait, go for a consultation and get it done!

Dr Roz Fox - April 2017

I chose Visualase because a friend recommended the service and said that their experience was fantastic! 

Laura Taylor, Bolton - May 2017

I loved how the staff weren’t pushy. They put me completely at ease and nothing was too much trouble, I'm very pleased with my decision to have my treatment with Visualase. 

Carly Ryan, Bolton - May 2017

Most importantly I wanted to read and write without having to keep putting glases on – which I can now do, thanks to Visualase! 

Lorraine Chester, Bury - May 2017

I felt all members of staff put me at ease in my consultation, which is why I chose to have my treatment with Visualase and they provided excellent care before and after.

Zobia Zubair, Manchester - June 2017

I felt confident and trust the staff to do a great job and a friend gave them a glowing recommendation for their service and friendliness of the staff, I'm glad that I decided to go with Visualase for my laser eye surgery. 

Oliver Briody, Worsley - July 2017

I found the whole experience at Visualase first class. The team is very thorough in pre-op appointments, and on the day do everything they can to calm your nerves and make this a painless procedure. It's over in less than half an hour and after a day's recovery my vision was perfect. It's made a huge difference to daily annoyances like switching glasses to sunglasses and having lenses steam up on a winter's day, as well as giving me more confidence for activities like swimming. I'd thoroughly recommend having laser treatment and there's only one place to go - Visualase in Bolton.

Ian Mccawley, London - August 2017

I chose Visualase due to the technical capability of surgeons. I received direct consultation and support from my surgeon from beginning to end.

Graham Henry, Blackburn - September 2017

The staff are amazing at Visualase, they all make you feel very relaxed which was a contributing factor in me choosing to have my eyes lasers by the team. 

Eleanor Trimble, Middleton - October 2017

The staff who accompanied me into the procedure were extremely polite and put me at ease. They couldn’t do enough for me so that made a massive difference to the whole experience. Thank you.

Jenny Chan, Irlam - October 2017

Dr Doyle is incredibly knowledgeable and explained the procedure in detail. Very reassuring. Hillary and her team were very professional at all times, thank you everyone! 

Mick Lohan, Bolton - November 2017

I chose Visualase because the pricing was honest. I knew from the outset how much it would cost with no hidden extra charges.

Andrew Oliver, Blackburn - November 2017

I felt all members of staff put me at ease and provided excellent care before and after and that made my decision easy to chose Visulase over any other laser eye surgery provider. 

Zobia Zubair, Manchester - December 2017

A big thank you to all involved especially the lovely ladies on reception for putting me at ease, looking after me and I have been so impressed with how efficiently things were done in such a timely manner.

Sally Sarikaya, Bolton - December 2017