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Testimonials 2013

I had my surgery nearly two years ago and have never looked back. The moment I rang up Visualase I felt automatically at ease by the receptionist who didn´t rush me off the phone. I hung up after my initial first inquiry after half an hour and felt like I had just caught up with an old friend. My first consultation was with Dr Stephen Doyle, and from that moment on he remembered my name, case and even what I was studying at Uni (even when I bumped into him whilst out shopping!) He was the surgeon who completed my surgery and talked me through every step of the way. The Bolton Clinic is extremely professional, there is no cold calling or constant email like you get from the bigger national companies and there is absolutely no pressure to go ahead after your consultations. The staff are all so lovely and the clinic is warm, friendly and inviting. I was recommended myself by a taxi driver and have since recommended a friend. We both now have perfect eyesight and are extremely happy. Go for it, you´ll have wished you did it sooner!!

Rhian Beckett, Merseyside - May 2013

I really liked the fact that my initial consultation was with the surgeon providing my treatment.

Dina Shalom, Salford

I was so impressed with Dr. Doyle, he sent me personal emails himself which is a great service and I found him to be very friendly. The reception team were fabulous from my initial phone call and everyone always remembered my name and a felt like a real person and not just a number.

Rhian Beckett, Merseyside

Having treatment at Visualase is the best thing and I should have done it a long time ago.

Devshi Murji, Bolton

I chose Visualase after being impressed during my initial visit. I was kept well informed every step of the way. My aftercare has been very good and I am very pleased with the results.

Jon Kitson, Bolton

I was fully informed of all the treatments available and how I would feel afterwards.

Janet Derby, Heywood

Initially I was frightened of the whole procedure but found the staff and doctors very reassuring and I was amazed at how quick and painless the whole procedure was. I only wish I had it done 20 years ago as my eyesight now is amazing. Thank you.

Susan Allan, Blackpool

The personal touch from Dr Doyle was very good when it came to explaining the process and my expected outcome.

Stephen Rawcliffe, Chorley

I chose Visualase based upon a recommendation from my daughter. Her eyesight was so poor before her treatment and it made a huge difference to her not to be reliant on her glasses and contact lenses that I decided to have mine done too. My vision is now perfect and my treatment throughout has been absolutely perfect too. I found Dr Doyle to be a most caring and professional gentleman. I felt very confident in him and would highly recommend this doctor

June Wardle

I chose Visualase as the clinic had been recommended to be by a number of people.

Francesca Simpson, Bolton

Visualase is local to me and my fantastic doctor actually treated my husband some years earlier.

Christine Tomlinson, Bolton

I impressed at my first visit. All the information was given and the price was fixed and clear. I can now see without glasses.

John Jedrzejewski, Bolton

Visualase are honest. They suggested I only have one eye treated, so I did and it has changed my life. I will always recommend you to anyone.

Rachel Milner, Wiagn

I was treated with the upmost respect and courtesy and given a step-by-step explanation of the procedure. At my consultation I felt confident Visualase were the right choice for me and that I would be in safe hands.

Wendy Anslow, Heywood

I chose Visualase because I had dealt with the optician side of the practice for many years. Dr Stephen Doyle was excellent and the aftercare was thorough.

Howard Pendlebury, Bolton

Visualase are a very professional team.

Janet Andrew, Bolton

I had worn glasses since the age of four and I couldn’t be more delighted with my outcome. Fantastic.  Job well done.

Sharon Jones, Bolton

I had a very thorough consultation and received professional advice. Excellent service.

Ahmed Vorajee, Blackburn

The staff at Visualase are amazing. It has now been a year since my treatment and I have received fantastic aftercare. They are al so polite and friendly and make you feel at ease straight away. I would recommend Visualase to everyone.

Stephanie White, Bolton

Professionalism and friendliness of the staff, together with clear information about the choices of treatment assured me that Visualase was the best clinic for me.

Andrew Taylor, Bolton

I initially went to Visualase on a recommendation and after my consultation, I felt confident to proceed. I was able to see almost immediately after the treatment.

Joan Roberts

The treatment was very quick and the staff were very reassuring. I chose Visualase because it had been highly recommended to me by a friend who had undergone treatment there.

Helen Tatlock, Bolton

I can see really well now and ride my motorbike and play golf without wearing glasses.

Steven Entwistle, Bolton

One of my close friends had previously had treatment with Visualase which gave me the confidence to have my treatment there. The caring staff were great and I was able to spread the cost of my treatment too.

Sharon McGreavy, Bolton

No longer requiring glasses and being able to read in most environments is good. Visualase had been recommended to me by two people.

Barry Dobbins, Bolton

The happy smiling faces at Visualase put you at ease. I was given a full explanation and was 100% confident with the process and everyone was lovely.

Doreen Cowell, Bolton

Visualase have changed my life. I am a more confident person now thanks to Dr Doyle. I was quite worried pre-op but everyone took care of me and nothing was too much trouble. I chose Visualase because of their professional advice and I felt at ease. Thank you to everyone – you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Lynn Whittaker, Blackpool

The staff at Visualase were very un-pushy following my consultation. A member of my family had previously had treatment there and I am so pleased with my outcome.

Nikki Childs, Chorley

The friendly at experienced staff helped to put me at ease and explained everything clearly.

Sara Cannon, Bangor

I chose Visualase because of the experience of their surgeons. The most important aspect for me was to achieve the best possible outcome so a good surgeon and good equipment were key. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Carol Aykol, Wigan