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Testimonials 2020

I had my laser eye surgery on 19.02.2020 and Visualase were amazing.

Elaine and Hilary are lovely and helped me feel at ease.

Their level of care was outstanding and Dr Mathai and the nurses were excellent.

I would 100% recommend Visualase if anyone is wanting laser eye surgery.

Justyna Tkacz
If you are thinking of getting eye laser surgery done, this is the place to go.
I have many people around me recommending this place and finally after a few years of considering it, I plucked up the courage and booked in a consultation. The process was brilliant from start to finish and they take the time to answer any questions you may have. Always easy to get in touch with them over the phone too. Very friendly at reception.
After a couple of check ups I finally had the procedure done in January 2020. I was quite scared but the nurses and Dr. Mathai made me feel at ease and I came out thinking, wow that wasnt bad at all. The procedure isnt painful at all, your eyes just feel uncomfortable after. 

I was amazed by the results. I had almost -7 in both eyes and 24hrs after the treatment I had 20/20 vision. Absolutely incredible.

Thank you to everyone at Visualase and Cloughs
Jessica Holden

Just had my laser eye surgery yesterday and would 100% recommend this company.

Hilary and Elaine are lovely people and helped me feel at ease. The surgeon talked me through everything step by step which was very helpful when you're in strange surroundings.

I was extremely nervous going in and thanks so much to the nurse that held my hand. I'm not usually one for hand holding ud83dude02 but due to nerves I can't tell you how much at ease it made me feel.

Thanks to all the team xx

Nicola, Leigh

I am writing this to you without glasses. I am over the moon with my new vision courtesy of Mr Mathai.

I didn’t see the difference initially until my brain became accustomed  to the new monovision but now it’s a whole new world!

I have not needed to use glasses at all and I am seeing like I did years ago, so I would be happy for you to share the recommendation to anyone who is maybe a little hesitant at what you can actually achieve.

It’s without doubt the best money I have ever invested.

Mr Mathai explained what I could expect before the procedure and to be honest, he undersold the benefits. At the time of surgery he explained what I would hear and experience in detail so during a frightening time I knew what to expect which made the procedure very easy. I cannot fault the aftercare as nothing has ever been too much trouble so I truly feel that using Visualase was the right choice. I look forward to seeing you for my final check-up.

Mr A Robinson, Bolton