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Testimonials 2016

My daughter had good results with you which is why I chose Visualase.

Karen Silverwood, Bolton - December 2016

I would recommend Visualase to anyone, I had a very informative consultation.

Stuart Roach, Bolton - December 2016

I wanted a local surgery like Visualase where I could gain access easily/parking.

Karen Nash, Unsworth - December 2016

The reputation and location are very important to me which is why I chose Visualase. 

Charlotte Higham, Wigan - December 2016

My expectations were realistic and explained thoroughly in my consultation.

Craig White, Bolton - December 2016

The whole experience was very professional and kept me very much at ease.

Julian Mills, Bolton - November 2016

I feel at Visualase it’s a very personal and professional compared to other companies.

Victoria Avison, Astley - November 2016

I was recommended to Visualase by a former patient and was made to feel welcome and respected.

Gina Robinson, Atherton - November 2016

I received excellent recommendations and Visualase were a very good price.

Gareth Evans, Bolton - October 2016

I was made to feel at ease, everyone at Visualase were so friendly and helpful.

Jass Green, Manchester - October 2016

The clinic is local to where I live which was the main reason I went to Visualase for my treatment. 

Leanne Vickers, Bolton - October 2016

Referral and simplicity of the process made it all feel easy and comfortable.

Jon Paul Howarth, Bolton- October 2016

I chose Visualase because of the cost of the treatment. Most clinics charge as per prescription but your fees are regardless of this and hence more competitively priced in my case.

Natalie Cuddy, Manchester - October 2016

Visualase is well organised. The surgeon was knowledgable which inspired confidence as he has a very high success rate. 

Chris Russell, Bolton - September 2016

Long-time established company & family/friends recommendation.

Susan Johnson, Heywood - September 2016

I chose Visualase based on a recommendation. I felt completely confident from the moment I walked into the clinic and this, to me, is very important.

Paula Burton, Worsley - September 2016

I received confidence and support from the team at Visualase, I was very impressed! 

Arefa Bhaiyat, Bolton - August 2016

Price & reputation was a decider for me and that's why I had my surgery with Visualase, they were excellent! 

Liam Mullin, Tyldesley - August 2016

My daughter had good results with you which is why I chose Visualase for my treatment.

Karen Silverwood, Bolton - August 2016

I received excellent patient care and the experience of Dr Doyle throughout my treatment was amazing.

Ian McCawley, Kent - July 2016

I received excellent patient care and the experience of Dr Doyle was fantastic!

Ian McCawley, Kent - July 2016

The initial assessment and advice were very reassuring. We never felt pressured at any time.

Linda Turner & Peter Banks, Clitheroe - July 2016

Highly experienced and established but small enough to provide a very personal, patient-focused service.

Marcus Muldoon, Sabden - July 2016

Success rate and aftercare service were very important to me. Visualase have an excellent track record of both being local and having a fixed price policy as well – what more could you ask for?

Wayne Baxter, Bolton - June 2016

Trust was the biggest aspect. I chose you because of a recommendation.

Margaret Williams, Conway - June 2016

I liked the fact that you were very happy to talk everything through with me.

Anita Walsh, Ramsbottom - June 2016

I was very much put at ease by the team at Visualase, highly recommended! 

Barry Wiganll, Bolton - May 2016

I chose Visualase after the excellent care and treatment my sister had with you.

Margaret Williams, Conway - May 2016

The price was the reason I chose Visualase, as I had a quote from elsewhere. However in comparison, Visualase was cheaper and much more professional and friendly too.

Jackie carter, Bolton - May 2016

From start to finish everything was explained about my treatment and I was reassured and helped to feel at ease. I chose Visualase because of everything I was told by my son-in-law.

Sheila Holt, Bolton - April 2016

A friend recommended me and you were cheaper than another clinic I looked into.

Elizabeth Webb, Chadderton - April 2016

The staff were efficient with the ability to make me feel comfortable and at ease. Friends and neighbours had also used Visualase.

Anne McGowan, Tyldesley - April 2016

’I had confidence in the surgeon performing the treatment plus the cost was very affordable.

Susan Taylor, Wigan - April 2016

I felt comfortable with the people. I went to another clinic in Manchester first but it did not feel personal there like it did at Visualase.

Martin Brooks, Worsley - March 2016

I was recommended by a few people to have my eyes lasered at Visualase, so I did!  

Deborah Hardman, Bolton - March 2016

Some of my friends had their eyes treated at a big commercial company and it sounded like a conveyor belt style service. With Visualase, I was treated with care and patience with any concerns I had. I felt reassured by the aftercare appointments. I still can’t believe the results – thank you.

Katherine Gosling, Blackburn - March 2016

The friendliness and the information provided was excellent by the staff. Also the consultation without being pushed into a decision. 

Janet Atheron, Preston - March 2016

My treatment was performed on a weekend and I received a good level of care.

Jeanette Branagan, Bury - March 2016

Surgeon experience and the fact that I saw the surgeon beforehand at my consultation.

Karen Warburton, Newton-le-Willows - February 2016

After having the initial consultation I was not pressured into going ahead with the surgery. I was given time to think about it and ask any other relevant questions I had. I was able to book an appointment without having to pay a deposit which I think is excellent.

Dionne King, Bolton - February 2016

A friend recommended me to Visualase and I'm very glad she did!

Michael Dagnall, Northwich - February 2016

Speaking to people who had already had treatment and that their aftercare was second to none was the reason why I chose Visualase. 

Michelle Dawbney-Spice, Tyldesley - February 2016

‘’My son had treatment at Visualase and was very impressed and that is why I went with you. I can now read and do everyday things without wearing glasses.’’

Glenda Martindale, Bolton - January 2016

The way all the staff put you at ease and fully explained every aspect. I cannot fault my treatment.

Louise Noblett, Coppull - January 2016

Visualase were very thorough and professional from start to finish and then beyond.

Tom Williams, Bolton - January 2016

Being made to feel at ease and given enough information to be happy to proceed with treatment. The doctors’ knowledge and advice and pricing were also important to me.

Craig Pickup, Wigan - January 2016