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What you can expect from laser eye surgery

Published on 25th September 2010

There are many people that have considered laser eye surgery and for various reasons have decided not to go ahead with it. In most cases, if they have all of the information in front of them they will see that it is something that can enhance the quality of their life significantly. Many of the fears that people have will be allayed when they become familiar with the process of LASIK eye surgery .

It is certainly understandable that people would be worried about a procedure that uses a laser to shape the eye. Only a few decades ago, this would sound like something out of science fiction. Truly, the procedures only started to be done about twenty years ago but in that time the process has improved and is even safer than it was at the beginning.

To begin with, a flap must be cut in the outer surface of the eye. Traditionally this is done with a microkeratome. It does not hurt and to alleviate any discomfort, numbing drops are usually put in the eye to ensure that the patient stays comfortable.

One of the greatest advantages to this kind of laser eye treatment is that it is very quick. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in just five or ten minutes and the patient can be on their way after a short period of rest. You can discuss with your laser eye surgeon whether or not you want to have both eyes done at the same time or split the procedure over two sessions. Most people will choose to have them both done at once.

Following the procedure, you can generally enjoy improved vision after a period of anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Some people will choose to take a few days off work just in case, but in most cases recovery is fast enough that you can go about your regular daily activities right away. Your doctor will suggest that you stay away from strenuous exercise and avoid rubbing your eyes but this is generally all that is required for recovery.

All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.