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Glossary of laser eye surgery and eye health terms from Visualase.

Glossary of Laser Eye Surgery Terms

Published on 3rd January 2017

We appreciate that there are many unusual words relating to your eye health and laser eye surgery, so we've put them all in a glossary for quick reference! Read More...

Laser Eye Surgery with Astigmatism

Laser Eye Surgery with Astigmatism

Published on 10th August 2016 by Mr Manoj Mathai

If you have astigmatism, YES you can have laser eye surgery but it all depends upon the degree of the astigmatism. Read More...

Can I get laser eye surgery even though I have an astigmatism?

Can I get laser eye surgery even though I have an astigmatism?

Published on 13th January 2014

Having astigmatism means that the eye isn't perfectly round (like a marble or a ping pong ball). If you held a football in your left hand and a rugby ball in your right hand - just image all the subtle changes in shape to get from one shape to the other - that is a good way of imaging varying degrees of astigmatism Read More...