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100% Patient Satisfaction On Visualase 2019 Survey

Published on 20th February 2020

The results of our 2019 patient survey are in, and the Visualase team are delighted to announce that we have, once again, received outstanding feedback from 100% of respondents.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an exceptional level of service and patient care, so hearing directly from our patients that these efforts have paid off is very rewarding.

The latest survey was distributed in January 2020 to patients who received treatment in 2019, and asked them about various aspects of their experience at Visualase - including our staff, assessment, treatment and patient journey.

Key Results

100% of patients would recommend Visualase to family and friends

100% of patients rated their consultation with their surgeon as Excellent / Very Good

100% of patients rated the level of care they received on their treatment day and throughout their aftercare as Excellent / Very Good

You can see the responses to all questions from the 2019 survey here.

Thank you very much to all of our patients for taking part in our survey, and for giving us such lovely feedback.

If you’re considering laser eye surgery and would like to speak to a Visualase surgeon, give us a call on 01204 387467 or fill in the contact form to book a no-obligation consultation.

Or, read on to see some of the wonderful comments we’ve received from our patients…

Patient Reviews

What would you say was the most important aspect of your treatment and what made you choose Visualase?

“Trust in the doctor that treated me. I chose Visualase because I had received a personal recommendation.” Krishna Chande, Bolton.

“I chose Visualase as it was local and it had good reviews and a friend had previously had treatment. Well worth the money. So glad I had it done and just wish I had done it sooner.” Jenny Pickstone, Bolton.

“Excellent explanation. Very informative. Helpful. I felt comfortable there.” Shyam Limbachia, Preston.

“Visualase are welcoming and took care in what they were doing. I chose Visualase because of their good reputation and years of trade.” William Hardman, Bolton.

“The clear pricing was my main reason for accessing the service. Secondly it was the positive attitude of the staff. They were supportive, polite and friendly with a personal approach. Thank you.” Leigh Englebrecht, Heywood.

“The most important aspect for me was finding a reputable place I could trust. After being recommended by someone I trust, choosing Visualase was a wise decision.” Chris Lightfoot, Runcorn.

“In my research into finding the right clinic for me, I found it really helpful to be able to watch the videos on your website. Then, after taking the initial steps to come for a consultation, I was impressed with everything and everyone involved.” Nicole Rutten, Leigh.

Do you have any specific feedback regarding a member/members of staff?

“Elaine is always so welcoming and made me feel relaxed on the day as did all the nurses. Mr Mathai made me feel at ease on my consultation (no pressure to choose Visualase) and also on the day of my surgery as well. It’s great to be glasses free. Thank you all so much.” Jamie Balch, Preston.

“All the staff have been very professional and friendly even holding my hand during the procedure - thanks Zoe. Not forgetting Hilary and Elaine who answered endless questions from me. The after care has been very good.” Sue Berry, Bolton.

“Elaine was brilliant. Positive and nothing was too much trouble for her. Thanks also to Zoe for holding my hand and calming me down throughout the whole procedure.” Leigh Englebrecht, Heywood.

“All the staff, from my first call to Hilary and Elaine to the staff in the consultation rooms, all provided excellent service. I would highly recommend. Best money I have ever spent.” Maureen Andrew-Nolan, Manchester.

“Hilary is very professional and understanding all my needs and queries. A first class service.” Victoria Jackson, Bolton.

“I Googled Mr Mathai and was reassured that he worked in the NHS. Elaine is an excellent first port of call, always cheerful and helpful. All my follow up appointments have been very thorough. Excellent. I’m very happy.” Paula Radford, Bolton.

Patient feedback for surgeon, Mr Manoj Mathai

“Mr Mathai was brilliant from start to finish. I have recommended the surgery by Visualase to multiple people who have given laser eye surgery thought. Thank you so much, it really has changed my life.” Jamie Balch, Preston.

“Excellent care, explanation and treatment. Very happy with all aspects of my treatment.” Krishna Chande, Bolton.

“He was very professional and answered all my questions and was reassuring.” Sue Berry, Bolton.

“Mr Mathai identified a possible problem with my eyes and I was referred to the local hospital eye department for further tests for signs of glaucoma. He was very professional and fully explained what my possible issue was when he could have ignored it, but didn’t. I would recommend him to anyone considering laser eye surgery.” Jonathan Marsh, Bolton.

“I was made to feel very relaxed about the procedure and was informed clearly about what would happen and how my recovery would be, I would definitely recommend Mr Mathai and your clinic to others.” Madeline Brodie, Radcliffe.


All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.