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Supporting Vision Aid Overseas

Published on 9th January 2015

The Visualase laser eye surgery team are keen supporters of the charity Vision Aid Overseas and in 2014 donated over 150 pairs of glasses to the deserving cause.

Vision Aid Overseas runs a nationwide spectacle collection scheme which operates to raise money for the charity, and ensure spectacles are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

We were delighted to receive this lovely response from the charity's team recently:

"I am writing to say a big THANK YOU for the spectacles that you recently sent to Vision Aid Overseas. Your support will help us to fight poverty by providing eye care services to people in developing countries who are unnecessarily visually impaired because of poor eye sight.

Vision Aid Overseas is fighting poverty in six countries in Africa by transforming access to eye care. Last year we reached 48,459 patients. However, 10% of the world’s population are still unnecessarily visually impaired because they do not have spectacles.

In the UK, it is extremely easy to take good sight for granted because of the vast number of optical professionals who work on our high streets. In many parts of the world the story could not be more different. Spectacles are only available to the privileged few and most people cannot afford any eye care.

Thank you again for your support."

If you are in the Bolton or Greater Manchester area, and have any unwanted glasses, feel free to drop them into the clinic and make your contribution to this great cause.

For more information on Vision Aid Overseas click here.


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