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Dr. Stephen Doyle - Laser Eye Surgeon
Ophthalmologist, MBBS, BSc (Hons), MRCOphth

Dr. Stephen Doyle - laser eye surgeon at Visualase in Bolton

Keen cyclist Dr Stephen Doyle is originally from the North-West, having been born in Manchester, educated in Bolton and now lives in Chorley in Lancashire with his family, and has been part of the Visualase team since 2005.

He graduated from Guy's Hospital in 1973 and, after lecturing there in Anatomy, did his ophthalmic training both in London and in Manchester. He also has a degree in Biochemistry and has enjoyed a varied medical career including his General Practice work, and couldn’t imagine having done anything else.

In 1987 he spent a sabbatical year in Spain where he was involved in setting up an exchange programme between the University of Navarre and the University of Manchester Medical School.

Receive a free laser eye surgery consultation with your surgeon

He worked for many years as an ophthalmologist in the Corneal Unit in the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and for 11 years did most of his refractive laser eye surgery at the Optimax Laser Eye Clinic in Manchester. This clinic collaborated with the Eye Hospital and also with the North Wales NHS Trust so that NHS patients with various corneal disorders could have them corrected using the excimer laser.

Dr Doyle has now completed over 20,000 laser eye surgery procedures.

We asked Stephen why he thought it was important for patients to have a pre-laser eye surgery consultation with their surgeon.

“I believe it’s very important for the patient to get to know the surgeon performing their surgery and vice versa.

It also ensures that we undertake a thorough examination so we don’t miss anything as even the smallest details could be significant.”

When asked what the most rewarding part of the job was, Stephen responded: “Seeing the reaction of patients after they have been lasered.”

In this video Dr Doyle talks about the aspects of laser eye surgery:


  • Ophthalmologist
  • MBBS
  • BSc (Hons)
  • MRCOphth

Published Papers:

Dr Doyle has published on various aspects of refractive surgery, and also on his other special interests of Keratoconus and Down's Syndrome. These include:

  • PRK in patients with a keratoconic topography picture. The concept of a physiological "displaced apex syndrome", 1996
  • The epithelial flap for photorefractive keratectomy, 2001
  • Prediction of Refractive Outcome in Penetrating Keratoplasty for Keratoconus, 1996
  • Emmetropisation, axial length, and corneal topography in teenagers with Down's Syndrome, 1998
  • Corneal Temperature Changes during Photorefractive Keratectomy, 1997
  • Acute corneal erosion from the use of anti-misting agent in swimming goggles, 1994
  • Results of Excimer Laser Retreatment of Residual Myopia after Photorefractive Keratectomy, 1997
  • Reduction in Intraocular Pressure after Excimer Laser Photorefractive Keratectomy - Correlation with Pre-treatment Myopia, 1997
  • Epithelial Debridement for Secondary hyperopia following myopic excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy, 1998
  • Contact lens management of Keratectasia after LASIK for myopia, 2004.

Dr Doyle is also one of the authors of the book "Refractive Surgery - a Guide to Assessment and Management" published in the UK by Butterworth and Heinemann in January 2004 for professionals in the field.


Dr Doyle has presented papers at various congresses, often in conjunction with the team of researchers at Manchester Optimax and the school of Optometry at UMIST. He has lectured on refractive surgery for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, and regularly gives talks on refractive surgery to groups of doctors, optometrists and other professionals.

Professional Memberships:

Dr Doyle has been a Nuffield Scholar and a Medical Research Council Scholar. He has also been a council member of the British Society for Refractive Surgery ( and also belongs to the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery ( and ISRS (

Patient Comments:

Please find below a selection of comments from Dr Doyle's laser eye surgery patients in 2017:

  • I appreciated how clearly Dr Doyle explained the procedure and answered all my questions patiently.

  • Very happy with the treatment I received.

  • Excellent.

  • Very professional. Put me at ease.

  • Very good. Explained everything sufficiently and I felt confident that he would look after me.

  • Very professional and listens well to his patients, extremely helpful.

  • All positives, no negatives.

  • Dr Doyle was very honest at my consultation. I know four other people who have been treated by him and they too are all please with their outcomes.

  • Dr Doyle comes across as a sincere professional with excellent interpersonal skills (though I often got a little lost along the way). He likes his job and believes in doing it well – a refreshing change.

  • Dr Doyle was professional and knowledgeable in his field. His efficiency in performing treatment was exceptional and I felt comfortable the whole time.

  • I found the whole procedure easy as Dr Doyle explained everything and made me feel at ease.

  • All the assessments and treatment given to me were very professional and laser treatment has proved very effective indeed. First class.

  • Top bloke!

  • Very happy with the results and care shown. 

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