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We're sure you will have many questions regarding laser eye surgery which you would like answers to prior to visiting our clinic for your consultation. We have put together a list of those questions that we are asked most frequently.

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After laser eye surgery

When can I start playing sport again?

The video below from our opthalmologist Dr Stephen Doyle, Ophthalmologist, MBBS, BSc (Hons), MRCOphth explains:

Usually after a week. However, swimming and contact sports should be avoided for two to four weeks. Please check with your doctor.

How long before I can go swimming after laser eye surgery?

A lot of patients do ask us how long they do they have to wait following laser eye surgery before they can start swimming again. It does depend to some degree on the type of procedure the patient has, whether it is LASIK or LASEK. In LASIK where a corneal flap is created, swimming is best avoided for the first two weeks post treatment and thereafter you ought to wear goggles for at least another six weeks thereafter. You may be able to resume swimming a little sooner if you have had LASEK as there is no corneal flap created, but it is always best to discuss this with your treating surgeon as he can offer you the best advice and recommendation.

It is the chlorine in the water that can irritate your eyes and make them itchy and that in turn can make you more inclined to want to rub them and it is really important, whether you have had LASIK or LASEK, that you do not rub your eyes following your treatment.

If you are unsure, speak to either your treating doctor or seek advice from the clinic.