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Visualase Surgeon Restores Sight for 106 Year Old Patient

Published on 14th March 2016

We were delighted recently when we discovered that our laser eye surgeon Mr Manoj Mathai had helped to restore the sight of a 106 year old patient at the Eye Unit of the Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust.

Ethel Howard with Mr Manoj Mathai and his team.

Mr Mathai, who in addition to his laser eye surgery role at the Visualase clinic is also an NHS consultant ophthalmologist, oversaw 106 year old Ethel Howard’s care which involved her having two procedures to remove cataracts and restore her sight.

“I am not certain how many 106-year-olds we have in our borough. This lady has left a mark on me with her longevity and spirit. She is just a few years short of the oldest person in UK, who is 113. I feel she is a story that must be told, she deserves a standing ovation for her effort,” Mr Mathai said.

When asked how it felt to have her sight restored, Ethel simply responded by saying, “It’s great.”

Read more about Ethel’s story here.

To find out more about our surgeon Mr Mathai click here.


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