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Looking at the incredible process of laser eye surgery

Published on 26th September 2010

LASIK treatment is safe

If you are a possible candidate for laser eye surgery, then it is something that you should definitely learn more about. This procedure is very safe and the results for most people are nothing short of extraordinary.

Laser treatment only lasts a few minutes

The procedure itself is actually quite safe and fast. In most cases, the surgery only requires a few minutes. It starts with the creation of a very thin flap on the outer surface of the eye. Once this is completed, an excimer laser is used to shape the cornea of the eye with short pulses.

Laser correction is painless

One of the many benefits to this kind of laser eye correction is that it is almost completely painless. Most people report only slight discomfort and would not characterize it as pain. The surgeon will generally administer drops that will numb the eye and in most cases this is all that is required.

Most patients get clearer vision in a few hours

Following the procedure, it is advisable to rest and not engage in any kind of strenuous activity. Provided that the patient does not rub the eyes, recovery generally only takes a few days. In most cases the patient will be able to experience much clearer vision in just a few hours.

Laser eye surgery increases quality of life

Not only is the laser eye surgery procedure safe and completed very quickly, but it also promises to give people an enhanced quality of life. If you speak to those that have had the surgery done, you will hear many stories of them being able to do things that they never considered possible. Things like swimming in the ocean are activities that many people who had strong prescriptions would not have considered doing. The first morning when you roll over in bed and see your alarm clock clearly, you will understand why so many people are thankful for the existence of laser eye surgery.

Eye surgery increases confidence

For many people, it is not only about having improved eyesight. The convenience of not having to use contact lenses or eyeglasses is something that is difficult to put a price on. You will no longer have to worry about lost or damaged eyewear, and the convenience of never having to shop for them is also a reason why many people want to undergo LASIK eye surgery.