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Laser eye surgery - things you should know

Published on 26th August 2010

Are you considering eye surgery

If you have been considering laser eye surgery as a method to correct your vision, it makes sense to know a little bit about the procedure and the likely outcome. While many people are aware of its existence, they are not exactly sure how it works in practice.

Only slight discomfort felt by most

To put it quite briefly, the process of LASIK eye surgery involves cutting the outer surface of the eye so that a laser can be used to reshape the surface. While it sounds like something that would be painful, it is not and the worst that most people report is that they feel mild pressure or slight discomfort.

The eye surgery procedure is very quick

Because it is a fairly simple procedure, it is also one that does not take much time to complete. It is generally done on an outpatient basis and most people will go home after one treatment and notice significant improvements in their vision. At least one follow-up appointment is generally recommended to ensure that everything has gone according to plan but additional treatment is often not necessary.

Results are almost immediate

Something that many people appreciate about laser vision correction is that the results are almost immediate. Following the procedure, most people are able to open their eyes and see the difference in a very short period of time.

After having the laser eye treatment, it is recommended that you do not engage in any vigorous exercise for a couple of days so that your eyes are given a chance to properly heal. It is also common to be given a mask of some sort that will protect you from rubbing your eyes in your sleep. Provided that the patient stays away from these types of activities, the recovery period is generally quite short and comfortable.

Whether you have simply been worried about the effects of laser eye surgery or you were told at some point that it was not available to you, it would be worth your time to look into it. As the procedures have improved, there are now a greater number of candidates for laser eye surgery and it offers the potential to help you see the world with clearer vision and may even allow you to set down your eyeglasses for good.


All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.