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Laser eye surgery: independent versus national chain

Published on 16th January 2014

Visualase are a private, independent clinic and are not part of any of the "high street" laser clinic chains.
We have grown a very strong reputation since we opened in 2001 and we treat many people on based on recommendations from our happy patients.

We mainly serve our immediate local areas of Bolton, Preston, Wigan, Bury, Blackburn, Chorley, Worsley, Manchester etc to name but a few, but we have treated a few people from Australia !! It's amazing how far people will indeed travel on a recommendation from a delighted family member or friend about the treatment and care they have received at Visualase.

We often get patients coming to us after they have visited some of the larger national high-street clinic for a consultation as they had been disappointed with their experience. In many cases at other clinics, you don't get to meet your treating doctor as part of your initial consultation, whereas you always will at Visualase.

The one-to-one time with your surgeon is so important and we believe that when you come for a consultation, you need to see a surgeon and not a salesperson. Also, because we are a small team, there is a genuine continuity of patient care from the reception staff through to the ophthalmic team.

Patients often comment that they find it very reassuring that we know who they are whenever they ring up or come in for an appointment, and they aren't made to feel (as one lady once put it) like a sausage in a sausage factory !!

We believe we have the perfect blend of clinical excellence and a friendly team. If you have been considering laser eye correction, why not come along for a consultation and see for yourself.

All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.