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Independent Laser Eye Surgery Clinics Score Best in Which? Investigation

Published on 23rd September 2014

A recent investigation by Which? published last month has highlighted the poor quality of consultations provided by the large national high street providers of laser eye surgery whilst independent clinics - such as Bolton-based Visualase Laser Eye Clinic and hospital-based providers scored the best.

The main areas of concern raised by Which? were that these clinics weren’t properly explaining the potential risks of surgery, and that the prices advertised by these national chains in their marketing were not genuine with the quoted prices differing greatly from those advertised. The lowest price advertised was £595 per eye, however when quoted in person the actual cost rose to £1195 per eye.

 As a result, the impression the expert panel got was that staff gave a priority to making a sale over patient care. Which? commented: “Some staff seem so keen to make a sale that they are missing the basics: what the customer needs to know to give informed consent or at the very least, reminding the patient to read the written information.”

 Hilary Smith, Clinic Manager of Visualase, said: “We wholeheartedly support the Which? investigation as it is important to make people aware of what they can expect from some high street chains. All our patients have a consultation with their treating ophthalmologist, not a sales person, as we understand how vital the doctor / patient relationship is.

We also have a clear pricing structure so what we advertise is what you pay. We receive an enormous amount of positive feedback from our patients about the level of personal care and attention they experience at Visualase and it really does set us apart from the national high street chains”.

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