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Find out if you are eligible for laser eye surgery

Published on 10th February 2014

Do you suffer from vision problems?
If you suffer from vision problems like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, you might be a candidate for laser eye surgery. In many cases, this type of laser vision correction can rectify these problems for you and will often mean that you don't have to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses again. There are certain conditions however that might prevent you from being able to have laser eye surgery.

What are the factors which might eliminate me as a candidate?

Thickness of your cornea
One of the things that might eliminate you as a candidate is the thickness of your cornea. It is necessary to have at least an average thickness of the cornea so that the structure of the cornea is not compromised following the surgery. When undergoing a laser eye treatment, part of the cornea is removed. Because there is fluid behind it that exerts pressure on it, it must remain a certain thickness in order to maintain its true form.

Size of your pupils
The ophthalmologist will also inspect the size of your pupils when they are dilated. If they are able to dilate larger than the safe area on which they can apply the laser to the cornea, then you will not be a candidate for laser eye surgery. Ideally, the laser treatment is done over an area that is larger than the size of the dilated pupils.

Some automimmune conditions
There are some autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or others that may prevent you from being able to get the surgery. Conditions that affect the eyes including corneal scarring, glaucoma or infections that have happened within the last year will also make it impossible for the ophthalmologist to perform a procedure.

Any questions? - we're here to help!
If you have any question about whether or not you might be able to get laser eye surgery, you should book an appointment to consult with an eye care professional about it. There may be certain conditions like dry eye syndrome that can be treated and in time you will be able to have laser vision correction. If it is possible, it is something that can certainly change your life and many people who have had the procedure are extremely pleased with the results. You owe it to yourself to find out.


All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.