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Does glaucoma affect my chances of having laser eye surgery?

Published on 3rd August 2017

Glaucoma is a term that describes a group of eye conditions that affect vision. Glaucoma often affects both eyes, usually in varying degrees.

If left untreated, glaucoma can cause blindness, but if it is diagnosed and treated early enough, further damage to vision can be prevented.

Glaucoma occurs when the drainage tubes within the eye become slightly blocked. This prevents fluid inside your eye from draining properly. When the fluid cannot drain properly, pressure builds up. This is called intraocular pressure. This can damage the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain.

Having glaucoma is not an absolute contraindication against suitability for laser eye surgery but it must be carefully and thoroughly discussed with your treating ophthalmologist.

Here at Visualase your consultation is conducted by the ophthalmologist who would go on to treat you and he is best placed to examine your eyes, discuss your condition and make an informed decision as to whether laser eye surgery is appropriate.

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All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.