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Daily Mail "tempted by laser surgery? - our response

Published on 8th February 2011

There was an article in the Daily Mail "Tempted by Laser Surgery?" back in November 2010.

The article talks through a specific story of Lois Roberts who had laser eye surgery and has subsequently suffered from dry eyes, floaters and poor night vision.

She commented on the article stating 'I just wanted to confirm that I do NOT regret having laser eye surgery. I was shocked when I saw a huge picture of myself saying that laser eye surgery has ruined my sight! This is not true. For me personally, I don't find the dry eyes and floaters a big problem, yes they're annoying but hey it's worth it for me.'

Some people do have problems after their laser eye surgery which is what Lois experienced. Dry eyes is caused when the eye heals and generally improves within a few weeks of surgery.

Floaters are deposits in the vitreous humor in your eye and these speckles can appear in your eye after laser eye surgery but generally clear up as the eye heals.

With any surgery there are risks associated with the surgery, and here at Visualase we ensure that our patients have the time with their consultant to talk through their fears and worries before the surgery.

We offer all our patients a free one hour consultation with your surgeon who would be performing the surgery.

Our 2009 Laser Eye Surgery Patient Satisfaction Survey

In our 2009 patient satisfaction survey, in response to the questions:

* How did you rate your initial assessment?
100% replied - Excellent, Very Good or Good

* At your consultation, did your surgeon explain your treatment in a way you could understand?
92% replied - Yes, completely
8% replied - Yes, to some extent

* How do you feel about the final result of your treatment?
97% replied Excellent / Very Good / Good

* Would you recommend Visualase to family & friends?
100% replied - Yes

If you are considering laser eye surgery, why not give us a call to plan in your consultation, so you can have the time to talk to an expert and have your questions on laser eye surgery answered.


All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome, through to varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits, including ones specific to your circumstances, at the time of your pre-operative consultation.