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“You’ve changed my life!” Mr Manoj Mathai encounters amazing feedback from 2017 patient survey.

Published on 21st March 2018

“You’ve changed my life!” Mr Manoj Mathai encounters amazing feedback from 2017 patient survey.

At Visualase we understand that it is very important for patients to have a pre-laser eye surgery consultation with their surgeon. Mr Mathai, Opthamologist meets our patients in person and provides them with the information and reassurance they need before undergoing laser eye surgery.

This enables the surgeon to understand the patients true needs and offer independence from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Following our recent patient survey, Mr Mathai received these wonderful comments:

    • “I was treated with respect and everything was explained to me clearly without being condescending.”
    • “Friendly and polite, explained every step of the process, generally a nice guy.”
    • “Amazing! Thank you so much.”
    • “Would recommend any of my friends and family to see Mr Mathai for treatment. Thank you.”
    • “Just thank you for looking after me and providing an excellent service – you’ve changed my life.”
    • “I felt more at ease on my second visit. I am hoping that my distance vision improves in time for the sake of playing golf in the not too distant future as I am struggling to see the ball.”
    • “Excellent.”
    • “Told me exactly what was happening every step of the way.”

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All eye surgical procedures carry a level of risk including not obtaining the desired outcome through varying levels of visual loss. Your eye surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits including ones specific to your circumstances at the time of your preoperative consultation.